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The Genuine Spiritual Practice

Spirituality is not a condition or activity that is merely meditation sessions, religious believes or practices. It is not just the recitation of prayers and / or mantras.  It is not just the practice of Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Reiki or similar.

Nor is it about trying to be vegetarian, to fast, read books, attend courses, rituals and ceremonies; or use stones, herbs or essences. It is not just about attending church or sacred sites.

It does not necessarily involve following the precepts of someone or the fact of belonging to any religion, group or organisation that offers "salvation" or promises to teach "the real way to reach heaven or the illumination”.

It is not about any of this. That's just the surface environment or ways created to reach an end.  We must not confuse the way with the end. They are not the same. You can be a sincere seeker of light regardless of all of this. 

For some people it is useful at some point in their lives, to help themselves with these commitments, and for others it is not necessary at all.  What's more, sometimes these commitments or ways become limitations and constraints. 

Everything is relative; there are no absolute truths, no perfect masters, or infallible ways. You do not depend on anything or anyone to reveal your own Light and find your own peace. There is no one magic recipe, pre-designed, that works for everyone. 

It is much more simple. It is really a path that you build by your self; with a free, independent, unique and very personal way for each individual.

The true practice of spiritual development is manifested through the behaviour that you have with yourself and others.  The deep spirituality is manifested through our loving, compassionate, conscious, responsible, respectful and supportive relationship with ourselves, with all other human beings, animals, plants, ecosystems and the entire universe.

  The essence of the Light of our soul is manifested through our most honest capacity to look at ourselves, that is to say: BE AWARE about what we think, feel and do; and also it is manifested through practicing unconditional love in our smallest and normal daily actions.

Don't allow others to confuse you, do not deceive yourself. Be honest with yourself. Follow your heart, that is the key.

Author: Bibiana Hernández

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