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We are experts in eco-luxury and tailored wellbeing services specially created for yachts and private villas, combining ancient wisdom with visionary thinking to offer extraordinary and memorable Spa experiences with high standard of quality, integrity and environmental consciousness. With LUXSPA you have everything you need for your onboard spa or your private villa in one place, from tailored spa menus, spa products and equipment to therapists, spa training, spa supervision, advice and consultation.

Bibiana Hernandez is the founder and CEO of LUXSPA. She has extensive experience as an Holistic Therapist and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Coach, with over 25 years practicing and teaching Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Bibiana has been Qi Gong and Meditation Manager at the UK Shaolin Temple in Southampton, England; and she has also lived and trained in a Shaolin monastery in Colombia, learning and teaching Zen philosophy, Chi Kung, Chinese Boxing and the lifestyle of the legendary monks of the Shaolin Temple in China, which has over 1500 years of history. Bibiana  has specialised in wellbeing services for over 20 years, worked in prestigious luxury spas in Spain, Sweden, England and on private Mega Yachts as Senior Therapist, Spa Supervisor and Spa Manager.  


With all this experience she has created an innovative concept in the spa industry, the exclusive and effective "Holistic QiGong Spa Concept" to take care of your body, mind and your soul and increase the benefits and great results of our LUXSPA treatments.

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