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So... after this lock-down, how can you increase your yacht charter bookings?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The yachting industry is changing rapidly, and fewer people are chartering yachts with the sole purpose of throwing a party or sailing. Whether private or chartered, a yacht trip is a great opportunity to take a break, and there is no better way to relax and no place with more health benefits than a retreat at sea. It is a fact that people are becoming more aware of self-care practices and the importance of keeping body and mind healthy.

This is one of the reasons why more and more yacht owners have been investing huge amounts of money into amazing spa and gym installations onboard. There are also more clients looking to charter yachts with spa services onboard, this can make a huge difference to guests when they are deciding which yacht to charter.

We already know how incredibly luxurious a spa on board a super-yacht can be, but sadly many yacht managers are not aware of how effective having real and complete spa professional services on board can be to increase the yacht charter bookings and get the attention of more clients. On many occasions they don't pay enough attention when hiring spa teams for their boats. Very often in my own experiences I have encountered members of crew asking a stewardess/masseuse to stop her cleaning duties and to take a break to give a guest or even the owner a massage whenever they feel like it, and that's all!

Sometimes they hire the stewardess/masseuse without testing her spa skills, basing judgement solely on certificates. In some cases the yacht manager or chief stewardess/interior department doesn't know which spa products to buy. Due to this lack of knowledge and expertise they usually buy the most expensive brands without taking into consideration whether or not that brand is suitable or not for certain skin types, or even just for their general needs. We find the same issue when it comes to some portable spa equipment, so when a certain item is needed for the spa, they just turn to Google and buy whatever they can find to sort out the situation as soon as possible, or simply buy the most expensive equipment without taking into consideration whether or not it is really what's needed. So what you end up with is an amazing and very expensive spa installations but poor spa service. After years of working as a spa therapist and spa manager on super-yachts, I have been taking into account the mistakes of various spa managements onboard luxury yachts, and I am frustrated by their lack of understanding of the hugely important service side of the industry, and their lack of attention towards details that the spa service deserves and the unprofessional practices taken in hiring practitioners.

Looking to give effective solutions to these issues found in the yachting industry and to optimise these services, I have created LUXSPA, to present fully specialised support in luxury spa services to the yacht management/interior departments by offering the highest standards of quality and expertise with a complete package of spa services to help facilitate yacht management and to bring a higher quality of satisfaction to the owner and guests.

By giving memorable and outstanding yacht experiences many guests will be keen to return and charter the same yacht once they experience first hand that your company offers a unique spa experience unmatched by any other boat. This will be crucial in ensuring loyal guests who will spread the word about their experiences onboard your yacht; increasing the interest of many more potential guests to come and enjoy your exclusive services.

I feel it is a worthwhile investment as we offer outstanding specialised support in luxury spa services in order to enhance the hospitality services and to make the idea of chartering a boat incredibly attractive.

How can LUXSPA make a difference?

We listen to and study the needs and desires of each client and tailor our services to align with the owners preferences and the requirements of each specific yacht; creating a unique service, because we understand that each person is unique and deserves special attention. Many other spa companies have pre-set treatments, pre-established spa products and therapists, so when the client requests their services, they have to adapt and accept the conditions and experience.

With LUXSPA this is different, by tailoring the spa experience to fit the needs of the client, so the client doesn't have to adapt to our experience.

We design a personalised spa menu based on the owners and guests preferences, by offering a wide range of professional massage and beauty treatments, personal plans focusing on relaxation, energising, weight-loss, detoxing and complementary holistic and healing therapies; including personal training in mind and body disciplines such as yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong, etc. We can also supply your favourite spa product range or advise you on which brands are most suitable for your clients.

So with us you have everything you need for your onboard spa in one place, from products and equipment to therapists, spa training, spa supervision, advice and consultation.

Another crucial point is that all our practices include environmental sustainability protocols offering eco-luxury services because we care about being respectful towards our planet and because we believe these eco-spa protocols lead to the best results with our clients.

So in conclusion

Giving the attention that the spa services deserve is crucial in making the difference compared to other yachts, and creates a memorable spa yachting experience on par with the level of luxury onboard.

Investing in spa services is one of the best ways to greatly increase yacht charter bookings, increasing the satisfaction of owners and guests alike, and easing the burden on yacht management. Leave it to the professionals. LUXSPA has it all!

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