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Chi Kung, talking to Energy = talking to God?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Nikola Tesla, who was unappreciated, was really a great scientist ahead of his time, who revolutionised our history in the twentieth century; he said that to understand the universe, we must think in terms of energy. Scientifically speaking, we know that everything that exists in the universe, visible or invisible to our eyes, is composed of energy. Depending on culture or belief systems and philosophies this energy has been called Qi, Chi, Prana, Ether, Akasha, amongst others. When energy is sufficiently condensed, the atoms are more dense and matter is created. Although we do not see much because our human visual spectrum is limited, it does not mean that there are not more things beyond what our physical eyes can see, such as electricity, radio waves, ultraviolet or infrared light, etc. then why can there not be other dimensions and beings too? Some animals in nature, such as insects, have a wider visual spectrum than humans and see a broader colour range. On this basis, there are many universes of light, colour and sensations that our reduced or neutered common human sensitivity can not see, but they are there. If we do not see them, it does not mean they do not exist. We can not deny what we do not know, as many sceptics do because of their arrogant ignorance. In many respects, the sceptic is very similar to religious fanatics, but at opposite poles. The least we could aspire to, is to accept our own ignorance on many issues, investigate and experiment more. This is not about to believe or not believe, it is about to maintain an open and exploratory approach to finding the truth by ourselves. This would be a much more pragmatic attitude, than to leave everything to belief or scepticism. Without experience there is no genuine knowledge, everything else is just theory.

Knowledge contains certainty, and this comes as a consequence of fact-finding and verification. When we only believe, we guess, we doubt, because "we do not know", because “its not been proven". Therefore it is more powerful to know than to believe.

How can we leap from faith to wisdom? Many people stay in the lazy comfort of assuming the truth in any paradigm, or take for granted any single belief; because of my father, or my mother, or the so called "sacred books", a priest, a teacher, a scientist, a prestigious institution or someone else relevant in history or the present that says it, or to believe in this or that. They do not care to verify by themselves these "truths".

We forget that in this plane of our existence all human beings can be wrong at some point, those "truths" are not always absolute and timeless and it is our responsibility to find the genuine truth and live it.

If we have lived deceived all this time, it is because we ourselves have tolerated beliefs without any study or verification, we have been accepting empty precepts without any sense which are not practical in our normal lives.

Chi Kung has a valid answer for sceptics and believers.

In my personal opinion I must clarify that my efforts are aimed to know, understand and enjoy the Supreme Essence of Life to which many call God and although I mention this word, I believe that God and religion are not the same, although historically most people have confused them, mixing these terms indiscriminately.

Here I do not intend to give a definition of what “God" is, firstly because that is something very personal and each individual has the right to have their own beliefs and opinions, often depending on their culture or religion. It is said that God is a Being, immeasurable, indescribable; therefore It is something that should not be limited to an idea or concept because it in itself can not be explained with words.

In any case many agree that He or Him we call God is the Creator Almighty, the One that is all-knowing, all doing, all making, all watching; who is everywhere (omnipresent) and has no beginning or end. If we assume that everything in the universe is energy and that energy creates life and it is in everything and everyone, then could we dare to think that energy is God?

As science says: "Energy is not created, nor destroyed, only transformed." Energy being the same then as God with no beginning or end, only transformation. We are all co-creators of our reality because we are God creating.

If God is everywhere and in all, God is everything, then the whole universe and ourselves are God manifested in various forms and realities. And if God is the universe itself, then God is energy, because everything that exists is made up of energy at different rates of vibration.

As we said in the beginning, the energy is materialised due to the density and the density depends on the level of vibration of energy. In slow vibrations, the energy is more dense and the material is formed and composed of atoms moving more slowly. In more subtle vibrations, there are the mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Everything is intelligent energy, it is that Divine Mind of Universal Wisdom, who knows all, who without doing anything does it all and is always looking to explore new ways to improve their condition; that is to evolve into more complete states of perfection and happiness, which is a manifestation of good will and when there is good will, then there is love, therefore, that Great Mind /Heart omniscient and omnipotent is full of love and rejoices with the common good.

Because He/She is in each part and each part is everything, this is the principle of Aleph, the universal hologram, the point that contains all the other points. A drop of seawater contains the whole ocean, the drop is the ocean. So when a person is smiling, the whole world smiles, because we are affecting the entire universe; as a human being suffers, then the entire universe feels his suffering; when you give to another, you are giving to yourself, when you hurt others, you are hurting yourself.

When you take care and love yourself, you are loving and caring for the whole universe, to God, because God is yourself. The same applies to nature, we are part of it, and she is part of us, we all are just One literally, because we are all interconnected in a large network, some call it "Maya". We are affecting us all mutually and continuously, so all the good you can do to mankind, animals, plants and the ecosystem; you are actually doing to yourself.

Chi Kung recognizes that energy is intelligent and alive, ready to follow our thoughts to assist in our welfare. In Chi Kung we can learn to direct the Qi consciously. It means that we work in a conscious way communicating with the energy. And if we are communicating with energy, we are communicating with God himself, working together to create harmony and wellbeing in our lives.

When we talk about welfare, we mean at a comprehensive level. If we want to live healthily it is necessary that all different areas of our lives run smoothly; this involves being and feeling free, happy and satisfied, in the physical, sexual, emotional, mental, family, social, professional, economic and spiritual levels of our life. Each and every one of these areas are important and affect each other.

Quantum physics has proven, that which is observed is altered based on the vision of the observer, that is to say that the reality of what we see is modified based on our thoughts, feelings or intentions.

This is a key principle to understand how our thoughts and intentions are constantly modifying the energy and therefore also changing the atomic structures in our bodies, creating new healthy or unhealthy cells depending on our mental or emotional state. There is a new science that is verifying all of this, it is called Epigenetic.

Externally we also change our reality by creating experiences according to our thoughts, expectations, hopes or fears and words. Here implicitly is the law of attraction.

Today most of us create our reality on an unconscious level. Chi Kung works to consciously create more harmonious internal realities in our bodies; physical, emotional and mental; and it also helps to develop quality of life and more happy and successful experiences in our outer reality. So Chi Kung is applicable in any area of our life such as health, sex, intellect, martial arts or any other sport, prosperity and spirituality.

Based on the definition of Chi Kung as the art of working with energy to create comprehensive welfare, then in a broader sense than the traditional concept, also the practice of Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Pilates or similar disciplines, are other ways of practicing Chi Kung because those practices are working to harmonise energy as well.

Chi Kung is also practiced when you project love and goodwill in performing any action, whatever it is. You could say that it is working Kung Fu, Mastery, Impeccability, "all that is well done" at every level of our life to create harmony. That is to be and do the best we can in every moment.

Living to excellence, the best we can be, we are creating health, satisfaction and happiness for all and this is useful in any activity we conduct, not only exercising and meditating as traditional Chi Kung, but also it can be practiced when we are cooking, dancing, writing, kissing, competing, playing, cleaning, driving, teaching, learning, praying, walking, organising, painting, singing, talking, working, eating, resting, in anything you do in life.

To do this it is essential to live in the eternal present, the now. One of the easiest ways to reach it is enjoy what we do, because in enjoyment, all of our senses are involved in the intense alive experience. Here we live with meditation in motion.

Being and to be present in every small act, fully living and appreciating what we do. So it is said that to leave the mental whirlwind, it is necessary to “feel"; stop thinking and start to feel. Feel the sun on your skin, the rain, the smell of earth and flowers, feel the kisses, hugs, taste the food, the vibrations of music; in other words: LIVE! in this aspect children are our greatest masters.

Given that God is energy and that energy is intelligent, understands us and listens to us, we can engage in dialogue to coordinate what we want to create in our lives, either unlock, heal, strengthen, beautify our bodies, or any other sporting wish; intellect, finance, spirituality, professional and social goals that go in harmony with the universal common good. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that our wishes are not to cause harm to anyone, not only to people, but also animals, plants and all the environment. Always have the best intentions to all the world.

This dialogue, with the energy, is what some ancient tribes practice in order to heal when they are asking for forgiveness from a diseased organ or an affected body part, taking responsibility for illness or accident, then lovingly asking that harmony be restored and in the end saying thank you because it trusts that the body listens and responds.

This technique proves that our ancestors both in the ancient Chinese culture, and in Hawaii, Africa and various other places in the world, already knew about healing through inner dialogue with themselves and driving the energy in a conscious way.

If we work to create a conscious and loving inner dialogue with ourselves, it is the same as to have this friendly, harmonious and close communication with God, with the Universe, with this powerful energy that is in the innermost essence of everyone and everything that we see and don’t see; then we will begin to hear the whispers of God, the voice of our heart that is affectionate and caring intelligence, great inner wisdom that guides us through unfathomable ways of peace, health, happiness, prosperity and welfare.

I invite you to not believe or deny what I say, prove it for yourself.

Author: Bibiana Hernández

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